Parking Sensors & Reverse Camera

parking sensors -  reverse safelyReverse Camera - OEM Style Number Plate Camera

Aftermarket parking sensors, rear view cameras aka reversing cameras are great for larger cars, estates, 4×4′s and MPV’s where visibility, especially to the rear, is restricted. Having them fitted can make reversing into those tight parking spaces much easier!

Parking Sensors are designed to give a visual or audible warning of an obstacle, and the approximate range. They normally use ultrasonic sound waves to determine the distance to objects with a good degree of accuracy. There are usually a few sensors to give wider coverage.

Reversing Cameras (also known as Rear View Cameras) give an display from the rear of the vehicle, and are good where poor rear visibility is an issue, such as many 4x4s and Vans. With a wide field of view, reversing cameras can assist not only with the distance to object, but also with aligning your vehicle with small parking spaces. If you regularly tow a caravan or trailer, a rear view camera can be really useful to light up the tow hitch very accurately.

We have a range of both wired and wireless parking sensors and reversing camera kits, as well as  car specific cameras. Theses car specific reversing cameras are designed to integrate seamlessly with the vehicle by replacing a number plate light, giving a great factory fitted look.

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