CHUANGO Home/Office Alarm

Quick Start Set Up Guide For Chuango CG8800G6 Wireless GSM Alarm

Product Information

The Chuango Wireless GSM/SMS Alarm System is the ideal protection for your home or office. When a sensor is triggered, the screamer siren will sound at 110Db (You go deaf at around 127Db). Using it’s built-in GSM feature, the alarm system will call the pre-defined auto dial numbers and replay a customisable record message, you can also set the system to send text messages as well. Its user friendly design makes it simple and easy to arm and disarm the system, via text message/phone call/key fob.

The Chuango alarm system requires a pay as you go sim card, with £10  credit to start with, once fitted and switched on its ready to go. You also receive monthly texts, showing your sim card credit balance, so you know when to top up. All features such as contact numbers, voice recorded message, entry and exit delay time are just some of the features that are fully customisable. We provide a custom setup service free of charge according to your specification prior to dispatch/consultation. This way you know that your alarm system has been tested and is ready to protect your property.

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